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Hello Everybody  in this Javascript you can get the Orbital Canon Money Loop upto 750k With the Help of Kiddions Menu and Adding some Scripts into it and can make a Loop of easy 750k to 500k with one Button and then you can Add Money into your Account Immediately this take the effect Immediately and can see in the Below Images , so to look the loop legit and safe to your account please dont use this script for more than 50 Milllion Per day as it involves high Basket Transactions from the Servers 

All the Source Code for the Script and the necessary project files are available to Below from this page. Click the Show Code button on the bottom of this page and wait until the countdown timer is finished. If you couldn’t get the Code Copied then please contact us or comment on our youtube channel. Thank you!

So after Copying the Script Code Just on your Pc Open A Notepad and Paste the Whole Script there and Press on Save and Save the Script as Named “OrbitalCanonLoopScript for v1.63.lua” Make Sure at the End your Putting the .lua so that it saves the File in a LUA Format and Toggle the Option as Check in the Menu to See the Effect in the Game, So Thats it Enjoy !!!

Java Script Source Code

This Code is Just a Half Code theres a Full Code Below After the Gameplay Pictures with a Copy Button you may use the Below one Fully and Save it as LUA

local demo_menu = menu.add_submenu("Orbital Refund")
local refund_index = 1963962
local index1 = 262145 + 23113
local index2 = 262145 + 23114
local index3 = 262145 + 23115
local index4 = 262145 + 23116
demo_menu:add_action("Orbital Refund 750k", function()
	globals.set_int(refu_index, (1 << 1)) -- set bit 1
	globals.set_int(refund_index, 0) -- Clear in case the script does not
end, function()
	return script("freemode"):is_active()

The Above Code is Just a Half Code theres a Full Code Below with a Copy Button you may use the Below one Fully and Save it as LUA

More Information :  

Credits to #Booka7 Sharing the New Globals for us in the Community and thanks for him for finding the globals and all

Caution :  

Please Remember to stay low key and dont go beyond 20Million Per Day or it may trigger some serious issue with your account !


in-  Game Picture : 

Some Screenshot of During Gameplay  
Copy the Below Code to your Notepad and save it as “OrbitalCanonMoneyLoopScript for v1.63.lua” to your Scripts Folder

Disclaimer: We do not intent to infringe any intellectual right artist right or copyright. If you feel any of the content posted here is under your ownership just contact us and we will remove that content immediately. Or if you require a suitable credit please let us know. Scripts or Menus and any other information presented on this site is intended only to familiarize users with the materials that may be of interest to them..   Please Try to Contribute our Work !

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