GTA Online has Got Security Update Recently on 2 Feburary 2023 :

Lets see what else been Brought in this New Security Update:

According to Twitter #GTANet Source He Tweeted that This Patch is For the Remote Modifications of the players Account and Anti-Crash of Lobbies

This Update has Brought the Changes in the Game Manifesto Files such as By this Tez2 Also Tweeted in his Feed that this Update includes

Clearly this Shows that this update size is related for Security Update for GTA 5 Online and Changed the Build ID to 2824.0 From Previous it was 2802.0 this changes a lot such as Globals Locals and Everything which been From the past Update

Some of the Major Update Patch Notes are here :

Source from Tez2

  • Node Serialisers
  • Server Sided Exploits Got Patched
  • New Exploit Got Patched
  • Offsets been Changed
  • Pointers are Outdated
  • New Fix for Crash Patches been Pushed into Game
1 – With Implementation of Mew Data Protocol in Online servers so to Improve the Security of Network session and player’s to player messaging
2 – Fixed The Problem that The player Account data been Accessed and been Modified by using 3rd party Exploits such as Mod Menus
3 – Fixed the Alteration of GTA$$ , Ranks , Experience and Unlocking the Achievements by 3rd party Mod Menus
4 – Improved overall Game stability of the Players in the Servers and Faster Rendering the Assets

this is all the Security Update Patch Notes we will Make Changes if there are any New Updates into it

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