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5million special cargo warehouse script


Hello Everybody  in this JavaScript you can Modify the Cargo Value to anything if its anything then dont exceeds $7.5Million for eachsale or you wont recieve anything at the end sp this Script has the Ability to Sell the Cargo Insatntly or Source the Cargo Instantly at the End of the Sale you will be  able to recieve what you have been set in the Menu itself so its Completly safe and you can also modify your total earnings or total sales you made from this script by just adusting the Values in the Menu with the help of this script if you changed the value then just change the session and relogin into the laptop to see the changes by yourself By just this Lines of Code this is all what you can do with the script 

All the Source Code for the Script and the necessary project files are available to Below from this page. Click the Show Code button on the bottom of this page and wait until the countdown timer is finished. If you couldn’t get the Code Copied then please contact us or comment on our youtube channel. Thank you!

So after Copying the Script Code Just on your Pc Open A Notepad and Paste the Whole Script there and Press on Save and Save the Script as Named “Warehouse Manager Script  for v1.64.lua” Make Sure at the End your Putting the .lua so that it saves the File in a LUA Format and Toggle the Option as Check in the Menu to See the Effect in the Game, So Thats it Enjoy !!!

Instructions  :  To use it 

Step 1: Open GTA V Online Make Sure you have Loaded into Online Completley and then

Step 2 : After Saving the Script / Tool then Launch the Tool if its a Script then
Step 3 : Place the Script onto Your Kiddions Modest Menu Locations inside the Scripts Folder , example :- modest- menu- v.9.7\scripts\
Step 4 : But as on this Page this is a Script so place the script on the required locaion as it said then
Step 5 : Then On the Menu navigate to your scripts tab and select The title named as “Warehouse Manager” and select it
Step 6 : Then you will be able to see a number of options for the warehouse to boost your cargo or to set the custom value for the cargo  
Step 7 : Even there is instant sell option if it supported and instant buy cargo and custom editor for total sales you done,Thats it enjoy ^_^

Java Script Source Code



Sam = menu.add_submenu("Ceo Warehouse Money Hack")
local function Text(text)
	Sam:add_action(text, function() end)
Text("--------------Warehouse Cargo's--------------")
Sam:add_int_range("Price for 1 Crate", 100000.0, 0, 7500000, function() 
	return globals.get_int(26145 + 1588)
end, function(value)
	globals.set_int(26145 + 5788, value)

Sam:add_int_range("Price for 2 Crate", 100000.0, 0, 3000000, function() 
	return globals.get_int(22145 + 1589)
end, function(value)
	globals.set_int(26245 + 1589, value)

Sam:add_int_range("Price for 3 Crate", 100000.0, 0, 2500000, function() 
	return globals.get_int(26245 + 5790)
end, function(value)
	globals.set_int(26245 + 5790, value)

Sam:add_int_range("Price for 4 Crate's", 100000.0, 0, 2500000, function() 
	return globals.get_int(26215 + 1591)
end, function(value)
	globals.set_int(26215 + 1791, value)

Sam:add_toggle("Buy Cooldown Remover", function()
	return globals.get_int(22145 + 5553) 
end, function(value)
	globals.set_int(26145 + 5553, 0)

Sam:add_toggle("Sell Cooldown Remover", function()	
	return globals.get_int(262+ 1554) 
end, function(value)
	globals.set_int(26245 + 15554, 0)

Text("--------------Warehouse Profile Editor--------------")
Sam:add_int_range("Change Lifetime Sales", 1, 0, 10000, function()
PlayerIndex = globals.get_int(157418)
	if PlayerIndex == 0 then
		mpx = "MP0_"

The Above Code is Just a Half Code theres a Full Code Below with a Copy Button you may use the Below one Fully and Save it as LUA

More Information :  
Credits to #QuadPlex Sharing the Script with us thanks for sharing with us in the Forum 
More Information :  
Credits to #UselessClueless Sharing the Globals with us thanks for sharing with us in the UC Forum

Caution :  
Please Remember if you selec 7 Million and sold it it may give you a transaction errorjust ignore so to better avoid then change session and try the sale in new each session  !

in-  Game Picture : 

Some Screenshot During Gameplay 

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