Rockstar Games Recent Update was a Seurity Patch?
On January 25 2023 ,Recently Rockstar Games has Pushed a Background Update in which they Included to Patch of
– Patched Auto Shop Car To Service Car dupe glitch. – Patched Arena dupe glitch. – Patched Gun Van God Mode glitch. – Fixed a bug with text feed of “Safe contents” for Stash Houses Daily Event.
This Recent Push has Been Updated on 25 Jan 2023 
This Include the Cayo Perico Patch of Juggernaut and the Guards trigger the alarm when the dead body is found within thier area of perception

Where Users Reported this Glitch in the Rockstar Support Page


After the Recent Update there is a Tremendous Increase in the Players which Tez2 has Made a Analysis on it 

554,414 increase in player count since the last tweet.

More Information :  
Credits to #Tez2 

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