Kiddions Scripts

Kiddions Version (0.9.10 ) Scripts –

1) Casino Heist Prep Skip + 100% Cut Script v1.0  [ClickHere]
2) No Clip Script v5.0 [ClickHere]
3) Cayo Perico 100% Cut Script[ClickHere]
4) Casino Heist fingerprint cracker v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
5) Cayo Perico fingerprint cracker v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
6) Gender Change Script v2.2 for v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
7) Unlock taxi Livery Script v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
8) Car Booster  Script v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
9) Money Drop Script v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
10) Model Changer Script v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
11) 800 Vehicles List  Script v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
12) Cayo Perico Loot Bag Increaser  Script v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
13) Personal Vehicle Spawner  Script v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
14) Cayo Perico Cooldown Remover Script v1.67  Script[ClickHere]
15) Casino Heist Final Scrip v3.0 for DLC  v1.67  Script[ClickHere]

Kiddions Version (0.9.9 ) Scripts –

1) Bounty Suite $10,000 Instant Reward Script  [ClickHere]  
2) Cayo Perico Final v2.0 Script  [ClickHere]  
3) Casino Heist Final v2.0 Script  [ClickHere]  
4) Protection From Bounty Spam Script  [ClickHere]  
4) $$ 11 Million – $$ 12 Million Fleeca Script  [ClickHere]  
5) SpeedoMeter Script  [ClickHere]  
6) Unlock Casino Heist Outfits all Script  [ClickHere]  
7) Max Unlock for Character Script  [ClickHere]  
8) Auto Shop Prep + Instant Finish  Script  [ClickHere]
9) Rank Editor Script  [ClickHere]
10) Orbital Canon Refund Script  [ClickHere]

11) Remove Money upto $100 Billion Script  [ClickHere]
12)  Cayo Perico Heist Prep Skip + Added Custom set Weapons Script  [ClickHere]
13)  KD Editor Add Infinte KD to your Character Script  [ClickHere]
14)  WareHouse Cargo Updated for 5 Million Script  [ClickHere]
15)  Gender Change (Gender Swap) Script  [ClickHere]
16)  Hanger Cargo Script  [ClickHere]
17)  Skip Casino Heist Prep + 140% Cut Editor Script  [ClickHere]
18)  Doomsday Skip Preps + Cuts Editor Script  [ClickHere]
19)  Rainbow Color Changing  Script  [ClickHere]
20) Bounty Suite $10,000 Instant Reward Script v1.0  [ClickHere]  

21) Cayo Perico Final v2.1 Script  [ClickHere]  


Kiddions Version (0.9.8 – 0.9.9) Scripts –

1) No Clip Script Script  [ClickHere]  
2) Shoot Vehicles Script  [ClickHere]  
3) Nightclub Safe Money Loop $250k Script [ClickHere]
4)  No Relod Script [ClickHere]
5)  Grief Script V5.1 [ClickHere]
5)  Model Changer Script Updated  [ClickHere]
6) CayoPerico FingerPrint Cracker Script for v1.67 DLC  [ClickHere]  

7) No Clip Script Script  [ClickHere]
8) Shoot Vehicles Script  [ClickHere]  

Kiddions Version (0.9.6 – 0.9.7 ) Scripts –

1) Warehouse Manager $7.5 Million Script [ClickHere] 
2) Shoot Vehicles Script  [ClickHere]  
3) Acid Lab Script to Change the Production Time and Cost Script [ClickHere]     
4) Cayo Perico Heist Cut Editor [ClickHere]
5) Nightclub Safe Money Loop $250k Script [ClickHere]
6) Kiddions Menu 0.9.7 [ClickHere]
7) Casino Heist Cut Editor 100% Script [ClickHere]
8) $5Million Cargo Warehouse Editor Script [ClickHere]
9) Vehicle Spawner Script [ClickHere]
10) Vehicle Plate Customizer Script [ClickHere]
11) Cayo Perico Pickup Target Instant Script [ClickHere]
12)  No Relod Script [ClickHere]
13) $750k Orbital Canon Money Refund Script [ClickHere]
14) Cayo Perico Setup with Custom Secondary TARGET Script [ClickHere]

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  1. You should really make a script that allows the player to carry infinite amounts of gold for example in the cayo perico heist!

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