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Why is it Dangerous to Play GTA Online Now in 2023 ?
Due to the Recent New Exploit in PC Version of GTA Online the Current Playing Scenario of GTA Online has Became Difficult to Play Safely in Public Lobbies This is Not only a Danger to the User but it could Permanently make your Account Ban and Damage your PC and EXPOSE your IP Address

This Exploit is been Carried out by P2C Menu’s Which is Seen Recently and Effected to Many Legit Players and it was Tweeted by Tez2 in Twitter when the Exploit was been Breached but we dont know from which P2C Menu is this Been Carried out
This Exploit has the Ability to Chage your Account 
  • Ranks,
  • Unlocks,
  • Increase your BadSport,
  • Corrupt the Account, 
  • Add/Remove Money and 
  • Reset your Account Totally 
But Rockstar Games has Been Noticed the Issue and they have Tweeted in thier Twitter that thier Security Patch gonna be Soon Pushed in the Update and this will Help to Make your Accounts Safe Temporary Fix:
But Currently for the Temporary Fix this Issue can be Fixed by using a Firewall Rule Installed in your PC whcih is posted by Speyedr Twitted

The Above Software can help you to install a Private Firewall and can block the Session Without letting the Users to Join in to your Session and Can Play Safe

Here are the Links for the Software for Private Firewall
2. Select Locked Session 
3. Done
Later For Permanent Fix Rockstar will Push a Patch Update that Makes the Game Fix and Safe to play back again in 2023
More Information :  
Credits to #Tez2 , Spedyr for Bringing a Temporary Solution for this Problem 

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