As GTA Weekly Update as Brought this Week Update with Kingpins aren’t born overnight, but bonuses on Acid Lab Sell Missions and Resupply Missions” 


This Weekly Update has Brought the Fans to Jump into the Lobbies After ages with the Hope of  Good Security Update this also made the things to be in Safe Area to Play now as the Weekly Update include the Benfits from Bonuses on Acid Labs on Sell and Re-supply MIssions Plus get the Double Reward for Bonus with “Hasta La Vista” and More

Additional Bonus – Receive double the Supply Units from Acid Lab Source Missions as part of the new event week.

[Feb 2 – Feb 9] Issi Rally no longer available.

2x GTA$ & RP – Hasta La Vista

1.5x GTA$ & RP – Acid Lab Sell Missions


Podium – Stinger GT

Prize Ride – Lifeguard

Luxury Showcase – Coquette D10, Turismo R

Simeon Showroom – Everon, Penetrator, Baller ST, Tulip, Youga Classic


50% Off – Youga Classic ($97,500)

30% Off –

Brickade 6×6 ($1,015,000) –

Torpos Rallye ($571,200) –

Tulip ($502,600)

So talking in Brief this Week We got had the Podium Vehicle as Stinger GT  Which is  $875,000 in the Podium in the Car Prize this is a pretty cool looking car to add into the collection and win

Going to the  LS Car Meet Prize Ride there is the Declasee Lifeguard which is $865,000 in the Podium

and Coming to Discounts

Bravado Yuga as well asa Benny’s Upgrade are in Discounts But unfortunately there are no Discounts on Legendary Motorsports Vehicles this week 🙁

Warstock Cache and Carry we got the Discount on Brickade 6*6

This Week Southeren Sanandreas we have the Discounts of Declasse Tulip & Lampadati Tropos Rallye 





And Lastly Coming to the the Event We have got the Hasta La Vista Event

This is all with the Weekly Update on Feb 2 But Sadly we got hyped either we would get the 50 Car Garage Capacity but we will still waiting for the Next Week

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