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This Week Rockstar Games has Added New Weeny Issi Rally Vehicle as a Part from the Drip Feed

According to Tez2 Source Here is the Short Info for the Update which been Gathered

New vehicle – Issi Rally ($1,835,000)

HSW Upgrade – Issi Rally ($650,000)

2x GTA$ & RP – Motor Wars Adversary Mode

2x GTA$ & RP & Arena Points – Arena War Modes

2x GTA$ – Taxi Work (4x GTA$ for GTA+) #GTAOnline

Coming to Other Things

Podium – Pariah

Prize Ride – Winky (Top 1 in Street Races, 3 days in row)

Luxury Showcase – Issi Rally, Deveste Eight

Simeon Showroom – Zentorno, Schlagen GT, Vamos, Deviant, Impaler #GTAOnline 

Now Talking about the Discounts in This Update here is the List of Vehicles and Apartments Discounts List:

40% off on Arena Workshop+Renovations

30% off on Arena War Upgradeable Vehicles 

  • -Bruiser ($1,126,300)
  • -Deathbike ($888,300)
  • -Dominator ($792,400)
  • -Impaler ($846,650)
  • -Issi ($762,300)
  • -Sasquatch ($1,071,612)
  • -SlamVan ($925,312)

40% off 

-Zentorno ($435,000)

30% off

-Devaste Eight ($435,000)
-Itali GT0 ($1,375,500)


2X GTA$, RP, and Arena Points on the Arena War Series

Fast cars, danger, explosive action — the Arena War Series has it all, including 2X GTA$, RP, and Arena Points for all competitors, all week long.

2X GTA$ and RP on Motor Wars

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Try the following recipe on for size: jump out of an idling Cargobob, parachute into a contested area, pick up firearms to defend yourself and your teammates, and open fire to hold onto a shrinking hot zone. Motor Wars is doling out Double Rewards through February 1.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

Pay Simeon a visit to stroll between his selection of luxe vehicles sourced by questionable means, including the Pegassi Zentorno (Super, 40% off), Benefactor Schlagen GT (Sports), Declasse Vamos (Muscle), Schyster Deviant (Muscle), and Declasse Impaler (Muscle). Scope out their stats, take them for a five minute test drive, or purchase directly from Mr. Yetarian.

Luxury Autos Showroom

Visit Luxury Autos’ showroom in Rockford Hills and press your nose to the glass to get a closer look at the brand-new Weeny Issi Rally (SUV) and Principe Deveste Eight (Super, 30% off). Compare stats and specifications, and purchase either (or both) directly from the window.

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