GTA V Online 1.66 Grief Script For Kiddions Mod Menu 0.9.8 Updated Grief Script for 1.66 DLC

Grief Script for Kiddions Mod Menu 0.9.8 Description   Hello Everybody, With this Script you can Grief your Lobby Players without Knowing them and can Drop Vehilcles or Troll them by other Player names in the Lobby and can Gift Vehicles or Drop Ammo or Can Wipe from the Lobby by Slaming through Rhino, Khanjali, […]

Instant $5 Million Cargo Script for Kiddions Menu 0.9.8 Updated Script with added Instant Buy / Sell Special Cargo

Instant Buy / Sell Special Cargo Script Description   Hello Everybody  this is the Lua Script which was made by me this Script has the ability to Instant Buy / Sell your Special Cargo Either you can Sell inside your WAREHOUSE only it doesnt Require you to Go outside or Enter any Mission Vehicles and […]